Department of Computer Programming is committed to provide practical knowledge based education and equipping our graduates to meet the needs and demands of today’s ever changing world of information and technology.

Computer Programming department is also very much focused to follow the emerging technology trends and market demands to optimize the maximum precision oriented education techniques and as a result our all class rooms, laboratories and other teaching facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art equipments as well as highly qualified staff.

Courses in the field encompass a broad variety of topics relevant to the IT industry. The programme encourages a range of transferable, discipline specific and core skills that will be of value, to the students in future education and their subsequent carriers.

A wide range of teaching methods are being used, including seminars, workshops and training. Supervised work experience provides the students with the opportunity to link theoretical learning and the real IT world. The students are placed within the IT services sector in a role negotiated between themselves, school and the employer.

Assessments normally include written examinations and assignments related to their course work, which can encompass team project work and case studies. Usually lectures are used to present the core material. The programme incorporates a substantial practical element, including a work experience requirement.

Programme Outcomes
x Professionals equipped with all the required knowledge of information technology.
x Professionals, who can write, modify, design and analyze software.
x Professionals, who can add, remove, change and up to some extent repair hardware when required.
x Graduates ready to apply their professional skills to over come the practical business problems.
x Individuals who are eager to become information technology leaders by the process of continued refining their talents.
x To be aware of the importance of design and the contribution it makes to greater community.
x An elegant citizen who not only help the advancement of technology but who also work for the welfare of the society.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of our Computer Programming programme have a wide range of career options are as follows Applications Programmer, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Manager, Database Manager, Electronic Data Processing Auditor, Manager Management Info Systems, Operations Research Specialist, Operating Systems Programmer, Special Effects (FX) Specialist, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Systems Software Developer, Technical Sales Representative, Technical Support Representative, Technical Writer, Web Designer